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Photo of artist Michel Devanakis painting

Michel Devanakis


Contemporary figurative Art

Michel Devanakis art, portfolio, paintings, illustration, portrait, landscape


To download my Resume in 3 languages (English, French and Greek) please click on the link bellow.

Latest Work



New World Order

Oil painting
Canvas on Plywood | Size: 100x125cm | 39’’x49’’


It was around 1985 when I first learned about The New World Order. That particular expression was from a book published in the early seventies by an unknown writter who was allegedly thrown in various psychiatric institutions, claiming he was a victim of “the system”. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of this person or his book....


Various oil painting works by Michel Devanakis

As with most "restless"artists, my art has evolved quite a bit during the years. Although I still cherish the realistic drawings, I went from a classic approach to a more colorful and contemporary style. Figurative paintings that are giving me the opportunity to explore and entertain my curiosity while creating. To me, Art is joy.

To see a sample of my works, take a look at the Gallery section of this site.

Unfortunately I still miss a lot of paintings that were sold some years ago as I did not took pictures of them to keep on my portfolio. I was quite careless at that time and traveled a lot.

If you happen to own any of these early works, please get in touch with me, as I would love to hear from you, and have some pictures of these "lost" paintings!

Image of brushes and colors for the blog

You will learn a lot about me and my news if you go to the Blog section of this site. Further more, it will give you a better insight on some paintings, my process and other things that cannot be analyzed in the gallery section.

Photo of artist Michel Devanakis for the contact section



Promitheos 21

P.O.Box 947

190 07 Marathonas, Greece

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