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New world order

Updated: Jan 27

Oil painting | Canvas on plywood board | Size: 100x125cm | 39’’x 49’’

It was around 1985 when I first learned about The New World Order. That particular expression was from a book published in the early seventies by an unknown writter who was allegedly thrown in various psychiatric institutions, claiming he was a victim of “the system”. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of this person or his book. I believe he was Australian. All I remember is that I borrowed the book from the Bermuda Public Library at that time (I lived to that beautiful place for 2 years), then had to return it.

There was a sentence in it that said something like this: «You will know the end is near when a world leader starts talking about a New World Order».

The second time I heard about “The new world order” was in a speech of George Bush around 1991. I got goosebumps as I remembered the book and realized that what this guy wrote so many years ago was coming to life. It was the exact same sentence. Word for word. I always regretted not having made copies of that book.

Today, people who lived in the seventies or eighties, can better compare with their own time and clearly see where this New World Order is heading, and how it has affected our world and Western Societies in particular. Brainwashing, censorship of speech, ideas, or anything that doesn’t fit the official narrative. Enslavement, economic strangulation, wars, viruses and confinements... Humanity has long lost it’s humanity.

Creating this piece, I wanted to convey the muzzled liberties and the terror of what lies ahead. There will be a part two of this painting, where I will try to interpret the next stage of this World Order. If you find this work frightening and dark, wait till you see the next one... However, since I am generally an optimist person, there will also be a part Three, where I will show that the sun is always brighter after the storm...

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