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Updated: Jan 27

Eroticism (from the Greek ἔρως, eros—"desire") is a quality that causes sexual feelings,[1] as well as a philosophical contemplation concerning the aesthetics of sexual desire, sensuality, and romantic love. That quality may be found in any form of artwork, including painting, sculpture, photography, drama, film, music, or literature. (from Wikipedia)

Close-up view of my painting with title "Tootsies"

As far as I can remember, I was always attracted by beautiful feet and toes. So it was only natural for me to finally do a painting with this unusual subject. I say "unusual", as I haven't seen or found any other similar painting around.

It took me a few years to find my subject, or my subject to find me. I do not take my work lightly, and in order to start a new painting it has to really "speak' to me. Usually the planing of the painting and the preparation I do before even putting the first brushstroke takes longer than the execution itself.

I loved both the theme and perspective on this one. It has an erotic feeling and was a pleasure to paint.

Here are some closeups of the final artwork

Tooties | Oil on canvas | Size: 70x100cm (27,5’’x39’’) | Original Sold

If you are interested in buying this one-of-a-kind authentic original painting let me know. Giclée prints are also available. Giclée prints are signed by me and sold with a Certificate of Authenticity as well. #oilpaints #artistic #oilpainting #instaart #instapainting #instagramart #beautifulfeet #toes #artistoninstagram #art #artist #artsy #contemporaryartist #realism #arttoday

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