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Ephemeral self

Updated: Jan 27

This work has 2 explanations. A lighter one and a darker one. Since you are reading this post, I will give you both versions! The first is that I am not the same today as I was yesterday or will be tomorrow. 20 or 50 years from now, who will remember this portrait and where will it be? everything is ephemeral...This is why I depicted myself painting in white over my own self-portrait, erasing it in a way.

The "darker" explanation is that I haven't had the chance to have children, so I figured no one would care about this portrait after my passing away. This is another deeper and perhaps darker explanation for the adjective "ephemeral" in the title.

This Portrait won the First Price Award in the International Juried Art Competition for Portraits, organized in April 2021 by "Art Show International"

First prize award to Michel Devanakis at the portrait Juried art competition

To be honest, I had sent 3 others at the same competition and my bet was on another one (I won't tell you witch one!).

Here are some closeups of the painting.

Oil and acrylic on canvas | Size: 50x70cm (19,5"x28") | Original available

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