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A storm is coming

Updated: Jan 27

Full size image of my painting with title "The calm before the storm"

The Calm Before the Storm Oil on Canvas | Size: 70x100cm | 27,5’’x39’’

As I’ve been feeling lately, there’s a sense of unease and anticipation that something significant is about to happen - something that we have no control over and that doesn’t bode well. It could be the economic depression that’s looming on the horizon, or the ever-worsening impacts of climate change. Maybe it’s the ongoing wars and conflicts around the world, or the deeply entrenched inequalities that continue to divide us. And let’s not forget the global pandemic that has upended our lives and caused so much suffering. All of these issues feel like abscesses that have been festering for far too long, and it feels like they are all about to burst, leading us into a dark and unknown future. This painting captures that feeling of the calm before the storm, which is fast approaching and already palpable to many of us. The colors are slowly fading and growing duller and colder, as if they too are sensing the coming change. This impending shift will be the focus of my next two paintings, the first of which is titled “New World Order” and can be found here. This sense of unrest and uncertainty is a theme that I feel needs to be explored further through my art. At least for the next two or three paintings...

The writer Gilles Abadie states: “We always say calm before the storm but the storm is only the final bubbling of everything that simmered in the calm ...”

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