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Sweeping Away Negativity

Updated: Jan 26

A Personal Canvas of Positivity

Full size image of my painting with title "Freedom"

As I stand before my latest creation, a mixed media piece on canvas that melds oil painting and collage, I can't help but feel a surge of purpose. In this artwork, a man diligently sweeps away headlines from newspapers spanning the globe—each paper laden with the weight of tragic events and disheartening stories. The languages vary, from Russian to Chinese, French, English, and Indian, all converging on a common theme: the prevalence of trash news, documenting wars, crimes, and sorrowful incidents.

In the core of this creation lies a simple yet profound concept that has occupied my thoughts for some time now—the idea that reality is not an unalterable force, but rather a canvas awaiting the strokes of our choosing. I invite you to consider a radical notion: What if the news we consumed was exclusively filled with stories of hope, positivity, and inspiration? What if, collectively, we could reshape the narrative of our world by focusing solely on the good?

"I firmly believe that Reality is what YOU make of it," I declare in a personal statement accompanying the artwork. I implore you to question the impact of your media consumption on your psyche and, consequently, on the world around you. My dream is one where headlines omit tales of wars and crimes, challenging us to envision the transformative power of positive thinking on a global scale.

Consider this a mental experiment, an invitation to imagine a reality where news outlets exclusively report on uplifting and constructive developments. Picture a world free from the shackles of fear, where optimism and creativity reign supreme.

"We shape our reality. Let’s set ourselves free," I urge you. Through this creation and its accompanying narrative, I extend an invitation to break free from the chains, sweeping away negativity. Choose to focus on the positive aspects of life, actively influencing the reality you inhabit.

In a world where the media often shapes our perspectives, my artwork becomes a mirror, reflecting not only my dream but also your potential to shape a brighter, more optimistic world—one headline at a time.

If you are interested in purchasing this original artwork feel free to send me a mail. Giclée prints are also available here.

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