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Quaterly Art Review

Updated: Jan 27

A BEAUTIFUL Magazine by the Circle Foundation for the Arts

Circle Quaterly Art review magazine cover

The 10th issue of "Circle Quarterly Art Review" magazine is now available. As many fellow artists are aware, numerous art magazines exist, yet a tiny few maintain the quality and high curatorial standards of While I am one of the featured artists in this issue, I encourage you to take a look (as well as explore past issues) and judge for yourself. Although I’ve been featured in magazines before, I have never felt a necessity to mention it here. So, out of curiosity, have a look bellow and let me know what you think :)

Note by The Curator of the Magazine

“Welcome to the 10th issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review! In this edition, I’m excited to showcase an outstanding collection of 110 artists from around the world. Each artist brings a unique perspective to our diverse tapestry. that I aim to showcase.

My goal in curating this edition is to present bold, distinctive pieces that represent the pinnacle of technique, creativity, and individuality. The carefully selected artworks aim to create a harmonious anthology, seeking unity through resonances in color, composition, media, concept, or context. Striking contrasts add depth to the overall presentation.

The selected artworks collectively weave a visual narrative that can seamlessly transition from the pages of this magazine to the walls of a gallery or the intimate spaces or a personal art collection. This issue tells the story of what art looks like today capturing currents trends and original practices in the global art zeitgeist.

I extend a personal invitation to you, dear reader, to explore each artist’s portfolio by visiting their websites and contacting them directly to acquire a piece. While we often consider buying artwork as an investment or for decoration, I see it as welcoming a piece that has “spoken” to you into your home. This creates a type of companionship that can deeply impact your daily mood, and for years to come, the piece will continue to “speak” to you, saying something different every day.”

Myrina Tunberg Georgiou, CFA Director

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