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Wonder of the seas

Updated: Jan 27

Last October, almost a year ago, I was commissioned to do some works on the "Wonder of the seas" the biggest cruise ship of the world owned by Royal Caribbean. I flew over to the port of Saint Nazaire in France, where the ship had completed the building stages and was receiving the finishing touches.

Except the drawing with the octopus, there was almost no creativity involved as I only had to produce specific works in a tight schedule. The works were 14 or 16 (can't remember precisely) paintings in the "Wonderland" restaurant, a beautifully decorated place taking inspiration from Alice in wonderland. The other work was a larger painting (an elephant carried by balloons) done in one of the kids playroom of the presidential suite. The overall experience lasted about 15 days, and I was not allowed to show anything before at least the inaugural trip. We are way beyond that at this time so I can show you some of the works. All the paintings were made with acrylics.

I am always available for such commissions and I am not limited to ships. Drop me a note for inquiries or to discuss a specific project.

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