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The Last walk

Updated: Jan 27

Full size image of my painting with title "The Last Walk"

Oil on Canvas | Size: 100 x 50cm | 39,5’’x19,5’’ DEDICATED TO MY FATHER... This is probably the most personal and emotional painting that I have ever created. My father passed away when I was eleven. About a month later, I had this dream. We were walking on a desert dirt road and he was holding my hand. On the right side of that road there was just a single tree and a bench. When we arrived at that spot, he looked at me and asked me to stay there since he had to continue the road alone. I begged him to take me with him. He replied “you have a long journey ahead of you, your time has not come, one day we will meet again”. I woke up crying. That was the first and last time I ever saw my father in a dream. Our last walk stayed with me all my life. This year I will turn 60. I managed to live 7 more years than he did and this dream is still alive in me almost 50 years later. I can’t remember his voice, I am not so sure if it was a rock or a bench... that is why I had the need and the urge to do this piece, afraid that some other bits of memory will fade away. Needless to say, this painting is not for sale. At least until I go and meet him again...

The painting is signed in the back with my name and it's title. In the bottom left side of the front there is an inscription in Greek that says "Ο Γιος σου" which means: "Your son..."

If for some personal reasons you got touched by this work and would like to make it yours, you can always order a signed Giclée print. Just drop me a note and I'll give you the details.

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