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The Edge

Updated: Feb 3

I was in the middle of creating a new painting (more joyful-as promised last time) when this idea popped into my head, claiming that it was more significant and should be completed right away. I gave it a fight, but the idea proved to be persistent, reminding me that lately I am not so reliable in keeping promises...

So here we are...

The Edge, painting, contemporary, razor, feet, michel devanakis, artist

This work has many readings. Mine involves the choices and decisions we have to make in our lives, never knowing which one is the best. More broadly, it also reflects the dangerous paths humanity seems to have taken in recent years, from pandemics to threats of war, natural disasters and social unrest. Your interpretation may be different.

While writing this text, I actually stumbled upon another -perhaps more religious- reading.

One of the Hindu Upanishads says “Stepping on the razor’s edge is as difficult as crossing the path that leads to Salvation” . The Upanishads are the philosophical-religious texts of Hinduism (also known as Sanatan Dharma meaning “Eternal Order” or “Eternal Path”). While this particular thought didn’t cross my mind during the creation process, I think it adds an additional dimension to the whole concept, After all, this painting imposed itself out of nowhere. Therefore the Hinduist text that suddenly appeared to me at the very end may not be just a coincidence.

The Edge | Oil & Acrylics on Canvas | Size: 70x100cm | 27,5’’x39’’

Original available

If you are interested in purchasing this painting or getting a Giclée print reproduction, please contact me.

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