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Killing time...

Updated: Jan 27

I love doing these caricatures. They help me relax before, after or even during a painting that requires a lot of concentration. All of them are first sketched with a pencil, then scanned, corrected and colored within Photoshop. This is why I mention the final size in pixels.

I used to have a page on this site dedicated to illustrations. Since I do them to "Kill time" it makes more sense to upload them on this blog instead.

Further more it removes the pressure of having to do something just for the sake of "renewing" the page!

From left to right and top to bottom: Caricature of Greek TV star Christos Ferentinos. Size: 4350x6000 pixels

Caricature of Greek singer Pasxalis Terzis. Size: 2900x3600 pixels Caricature of famous actor Jason Statham. Size: 5000x7000 pixels Caricature of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, leader of the greek right wing and prime minister. Size: 4400x6000 pixels

Caricature of Kim Jong-Un Leader of North Korea since 2011. Size: 4760x6000 pixels

Caricature of Greek leader of left wing opposition Alexis Tsipras. Size: 5000x6200 pixels

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