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Updated: Jan 27

Oil on Canvas | Size: 70x100cm | 27,5’’x39’’

Full view of my oil painting with title "African Vibes". A young African girl is washing a piece of tissue in a basin of dirty water.

I was born and raised in Cameroon where I lived for almost 20 years. I have not returned there since. One of the reasons is that sometimes, memories are better left intact. This painting was inspired by a trip to another African country, which in many ways, have the same vibes. Senegal is a country of smiling people. Kind and smiling. One of the first things that come to my mind when I think of this beloved continent are the colors, the light, the scents and the sounds. I could not render the last two on a canvas, but I hopefully did a good job with the rest.

To give you an idea of my process, I am uploading some pictures of the work while I was making it, as well as a video.

The finished painting with closeups.

If you are interested in buying this one-of-a-kind authentic original painting let me know. Giclée prints are also available. Giclée prints are signed by me and sold with a Certificate of Authenticity as well.

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