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Satirical Reflections

Updated: Jan 26

Artistic Commentary on Tech, Faith, and Superficiality

Full size image of my painting with title "Leave your prayer after the tone"

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas | Size: 100 x 70cm - 39,4 x 27,5 inch

This painting may seem quite different from my previous work ("Freedom"), but it's a continuation in its own way. It's a playful take on our modern world filled with chaos, rapid technological advancements, and a culture of distractions. It feels like common sense and core values are often overshadowed by the noise. I want to emphasize that this isn't about criticizing any specific religion; instead, it's a light-hearted reflection on how people perceive faith in today's context.

In our contemporary society, technology has almost taken on the role of a new deity. It's surreal but true – there are actual prayer apps available. Can you believe it? You can simply tap a button to leave a prayer, and some even offer discounts for leaving multiple prayers. It's almost comical, highlighting the commodification of spirituality in our digital age.

The inspiration for this artwork struck me as I scrolled through my phone and stumbled upon these "Prayer Apps." It got me thinking about the superficiality of our relationship with faith and technology.

So, this painting humorously depicts a fictional "Prayer App," serving as a playful jab at the real prayer apps found in app stores. It's not meant to ridicule spirituality itself but rather to highlight how our approach to faith has become shallow and conveniently accessible. It's as if we've reduced something profound to a mere tap on a screen, all while superficially attempting to engage with deeper existential questions.

I'm trying to provoke some thought about the oddity of our interactions with technology and spirituality. It's a fun, light-hearted way to question whether our modern practices have diluted the essence of faith. Is it merely a token gesture to ease our conscience while we continue to overlook life's deeper meanings?

This painting doesn't aim to be too serious; it's more of a satirical reflection; a playful nudge to reflect on our relationship with technology, faith, and the underlying superficiality that pervades our society. Perhaps it's time to pause and ponder if our digitalized approach to spirituality is disconnecting us from the genuine essence of life itself. It's a light-hearted reminder to laugh a little, but also to contemplate our deeper connections in this fast-paced, tech-centric world.

If you are interested in purchasing this original artwork feel free to send me a mail. Giclée prints are also available here.

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